Even a Dismissal on Your Criminal Record Can Cost You a Job!

Even a Dismissal on Your Criminal Record Can Cost You a Job!

With so many people out of work, employers have a much greater number of applicants to choose from. That doesn’t appear likely to change anytime soon. Imagine finding out after submitting a number of applications that at least one potential employer rejected you because you had a dismissal on your criminal record!

Even if you’ve never been convicted of a crime, your record may indicate that you have been granted a dismissal and the offense that was dismissed.

Increasingly, potential employers are asking whether you have ever been charged with a criminal offense.  If you remember that charge from way back when, you should reveal it.  Otherwise you run the risk of being rejected for failing to be honest.  If you don’t reveal it, you run the risk of it being discovered.  Either way, an employer may decide that it takes you out of consideration for the job you were seeking.

You don’t have to let a dismissed charge remain on your record and jeopardize your future.  Contact Xpunctions.com today for information on having a dismissed charge on your criminal record expunged.  Once the charge is erased from your criminal record, you no longer need to reveal it.  Considering the stiff competition in today’s job market, don’t let your past come back and haunt you!

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